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The History of Lange Flooring Center

Since he was 12 years old, Scott Gilbert, co-owner of Lange Flooring Center, worked in the flooring business. With the help of family, his hard work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit helped him build the business into what it is today. Here’s a summary of that journey.

A Humble Beginning in a Bus Garage

Long ago Bob Lange, founder of Lange, started selling rolled carpet and linoleum  from the moving and storage area of the City of Muskegon bus garage at 605 W. Dale St. in Muskegon, Michigan. That small area wasn’t adequate as sales began to grow, so in 1966 he expanded into the rest of the building and officially formed Lange Carpet Company, Inc.

A Young Entrepreneur Joins the Business

Joe Strandberg, Bob’s lead installer, purchased the business in 1981. Joe’s 12-year old stepson, Scott Gilbert, helped install flooring and worked in the warehouse.  Scott’s strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit led him to manage the company at age 19. That same year Scott married his high school sweetheart Sonia. With that responsibility came dreams to grow and develop Lange into the company it is today.

The Growth Begins

By 1996 Scott took full ownership of Lange, at which time he expanded the product line and increased staff.  Business revenue doubled with the aid of new computers and integrated flooring software.

As the company grew, Scott realized that the business’ limited visibility to the general public as well as its space constraints would eventually require expansion to a new site in order to grow.

Building the Dream with Both Community and Family

In 2003, Scott persuaded his wife, Sonia to resign her position at Reeths Puffer Schools to join the Lange team. Together they began planning the next phase of their business -- a new location. Scott acted as general contractor and Sonia supported the effort with design consulting. They focused on using local companies and family members to help build their dream, which is now reflected in the current 20,000 square foot storefront at 1660 Glade St. in Muskegon.

Muskegon’s Fully Functional Flooring Center - Showroom and Warehouse

In January 2006, Lange was fully operational with a beautiful large showroom and fully functional warehouse from which the customers can both browse and shop.

“Hard work, fairness, and sacrifice have enabled us to reach our vision to better serve others. Looking into the future of Lange, our trust continues to rely on our God-gifted abilities in order to continue serving in even greater capacity. We are grateful to be surrounded with faith, love, and the support of our family, friends, customers, and the Lange team.”


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